Bring the outdoors in, when you open up fully the bi-folding door which can create up to a 90% opening which means you can literally open up your home. There are two choices of bi-folds, Upvc and Aluminium.

What are Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-folds are often used as an entrance to a garden or orangery/ conservatory. Bi-folds normally have anywhere between two to seven panels all connected by hinges, also attached to rollers at the top or bottom.

Bi-folds can also feature a traffic door, which acts as a normal single door, the single door acts just like a normal standard entrance door. This is great in the colder months as it saves you opening up all the panels.

The greatest feature of Bi-folding doors is the spectacular view it offers to the outside. Bi-folds are growing more and more popular and have even featured on Grand Designs.

Why Have Bi-Folding Doors?

  • Creates an optical illusion of more space
  • Add value to a property
  • Remarkable functionality and security
  • Slim and aesthetically pleasing
  • Opening Room up to outside
  • Vast range of colours
  • Energy Efficient