Conservatory Roof Repairs vs Replacing a Conservatory Roof

ultraframe livinroof conservatory roof replacement

If your conservatory has seen better days, it may be worth looking into whether it needs repairing or if may be in need of a conservatory roof replacement. Depending on the age of your conservatory, either of these options could be the best one for you. We’ll talk you through some common conservatory roof issues, […]

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Creating your Dream Glass Roof Kitchen With a Mock Orangery

orangery roof kitchen

Are you dreaming of the type of kitchen that features in glossy magazines, the type with glass roofs and endless light streaming through to fill your space? Mock orangery roof kitchens create special spaces that offer an incredible openness you won’t achieve with a simple solid roof. Read on for our guide to mock orangery […]

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How to Stop Condensation in a Conservatory

Conservatory condensation

The sight of condensation building up on your nice clean conservatory windows can be a complete headache. Cold spots, poor ventilation or lack of heating can cause large droplets of water to form on your conservatory windows leaving a puddle of water on surfaces and a clean up needed for you. However, condensation in your […]

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Door Types for Every House – How to Pick the Perfect Door

door types

When it comes to choosing a door for your house, there a number of key things to consider. Your home is one of the most important places for you so it is important you choose the right door and choose the right door colour for you to give you years of happy memories rather than […]

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