Creating your Dream Glass Roof Kitchen With a Mock Orangery

kitchen orangery

Are you dreaming of the type of kitchen that features in glossy magazines, the type with glass roofs and endless light streaming through to fill your space? Mock orangery roof kitchens create special spaces that offer an incredible openness you won’t achieve with a simple solid roof. Read on for our guide to mock orangery roof kitchens with everything you need to know to bring your ideas to life.

What is a Mock Orangery Roof?

A mock orangery roof is a glass structure that is added to the top of an existing or newly built extension to your home. Creating an orangery roof kitchen is a fantastic alternative to building a conservatory in your home as it offers great thermal efficiency. A mock orangery roof offers the light of a glass roof whilst providing an insulated internal framing system that is plastered and finished with spotlights for a stylish, modern effect. Mock orangery roofs are incredibly versatile meaning they are ideal for kitchens, living rooms, playrooms and more with better temperature control than a conservatory, for example, whilst still retaining all of the added benefits a glass-featuring roof can provide.


How Can a Mock Orangery Roof Improve the Look of My Kitchen?

In a modern kitchen, light and space are everything. Adding a mock orangery roof to your kitchen extension is the perfect way to make the most of this look with additional space and a thoroughly modern feel to add a touch of sophistication to any room. Compared to a solid roof kitchen, mock orangery roof kitchens can really open up the room and create a visually stunning effect to your one-of-a-kind kitchen. Mock orangery roof kitchens offer a world of different personalisation options meaning your orangery kitchen can be designed exactly how you imagine it.


Do I Need Planning Permission to Build a Mock Orangery Roof?

As with a conservatory or other types of small extensions, the good thing about adding a mock orangery roof kitchen is that usually, you will not need planning permission to create your dream kitchen roof. However, there are some exceptions in the cases of listed buildings, or where the orangery kitchen extension would take up more than 50% of the existing land surrounding your home.


How Do I Create a Mock Orangery Kitchen in My Home?

If you are looking to create a beautiful mock orangery look in your kitchen, our expert orangery creators can set to work creating the orangery kitchen of your dreams. From vaulted glass ceilings that let endless light into your kitchen space to entrancing downlights in the pelmet, our experienced team can help you get started.

Take a look at our mock orangery roof page to discover more or get in touch with our team now to discuss your options.