Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors

Bring the outdoors in, when you open up fully the bi-folding door which can create up to a 90% opening which means you can literally open up your home.

What are Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-folds are often used as an entrance to a garden or orangery/ conservatory. Bi-folds normally have anywhere between two to seven panels all connected by hinges, also attached to rollers at the top or bottom.

Bi-folds can also feature a traffic door, which acts as a normal single door, the single door acts just like a normal standard entrance door. This is great in the colder months as it saves you opening up all the panels.

The greatest feature of Bi-folding doors is the spectacular view it offers to the outside. Bi-folds are growing more and more popular and have even featured on Grand Designs.

Our aluminium bi fold doors open in a concertina style to create a stunning open space. When closed, they create a wall of light and an unrivalled feeling of spaciousness.

They create a door system made up of between two and seven panels

Incorporate a ‘primary’ door that can be opened on its own

Built to last – made from a sturdy 70mm wide mainframe profile with welded corners

High performance security – each primary door has a tough Yale cylinder lock and the folding doors have top and bottom shoot bolts that hold them securely locked

We make it easy for you to create the gorgeous opening to your garden you’re looking for.


Why Have Bi-Folding Doors

They create  an optical illusion of more space and add value to your property. They are remarkably functional and secure as well as being slimline, aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient. There are  avast range of colours to choose from.