Flat Roof

Flat Roof

Choosing a new roof is very tough decision therefore doing your research and choosing the correct roof is a significant investment. At RB Windows we specialised in a GRP fibre glass flat roof, which can be laid over felt, rubber or can be completely started afresh.

Many people think that Fibre glass roofs are a new idea, however fibreglass is a proven roofing material that has been used in the UK building industry for over 50 years. The quality of your roof has a huge impact on your home, it prevents costly water damage to both the structure and to your possessions. The benefits of GRP flat roofing provide you with everything that you could need. There are three main benefits of choosing this solution over others that are available and they are the durability of the product and a watertight finish.


  • Durability – One of the biggest strengths of choosing a fibreglass GRP flat roof is the fact that these roofs are so durable. GRP simply does not deteriorate at the rate of felt or rubber. Once the strong fibreglass layer is laid, a durable topcoat is rolled over the top creating a fully sealed surface. Installed correctly, water cannot penetrate through any seams. The continuous surface area provides a huge benefit when it comes to finding a roof that can be relied on for many years to come.


  • Watertight -Fibreglass is trusted in many other industries where long life and complete water-tightness are essential. It is a material that is used to make the hulls of boats, including the RNLI lifeboats. Where there’s a seam, there’s the opportunity for water to penetrate.


  • Functionality – Fibreglass can be moulded to any area, around roof lights, light wells and any other obstacles and so tricky areas are not a problem. They can be made non-slip if the area is to be walked on. GRP roofs are finished with pre-formed GRP edge trims and a topcoat that is available in a range of colours to blend in with your existing structure, you are not limited to one product or look.