How Long Do Windows Last?


When it comes to buying windows for your home, you want to make sure they are going to stand the test of time. But how do you know when you need new windows? How long do windows last and when will you know it is time for them to be replaced? Our guide will take you through all of these questions and more to find out how often you should replace your windows to make sure your home is as energy-efficient and cosy as it can be.

How Often Should You Replace Your Windows?

When it comes to replacing your windows, the guide figure is around every 15-20 years to make sure that your windows are working as efficiently for your home as they can be. Whilst windows may look ok at a glance, on closer inspection older windows can often have lost their air-tight protection and insulation qualities. If your windows have experienced a lot of heavy usage or are showing signs of wear and tear, it is important that you get them replaced, no matter how long you have had them for.


How Do I Know When My UPVC Windows Need Replacing?

There are a few key ways of knowing when your windows need replacing. One of the ways is that you may be able to hear a lot of noise coming from outside. If you can hear more noise than you should do, this could be a sign that your windows are in need of repair or replacing. Additionally, if you have difficultly opening or closing your windows, it is also important to get them replaced.

Windows that don’t close properly are vulnerable to the outside as well as letting in drafts and potentially damp weather. On this note, if you can feel a draught even when your windows are closed, this could indicate a fault with your windows. If you have double glazing and start to see condensation building up between the panes of glass, you should get your windows checked for faults as this shouldn’t be happening.


Why Should I Make Sure to Replace My Windows?

With everything in your home, you want to be sure that every part of your house is working as efficiently as it can to help save you money on electricity and heating bills. The same applies to your windows. Technologies are constantly updating and an extremely old window model may not be able to compete with a modern UPVC window. If you are concerned about your carbon footprint, newer, more efficient windows can help keep your carbon footprint low and stop any excess heat escaping from your home through older, less efficient windows.

If caring for the planet it is important to you, many newer types of windows are made from recycled materials to avoid waste. Our own windows from RB windows are fitted with A-rated double glazing as standard, for excellent thermal efficiency and are also created from 100% recycled materials to ensure replacing your windows doesn’t cost the planet. We also offer advanced forms of glazing to reflect heat back into your home, just one of the many benefits of updating your older windows to new windows.


How Much Do Windows Cost to Replace?

When it comes to replacing your windows, the cost can vary. If you have extremely old windows and are looking to fit new windows in a completely different style, it may time more time and effort for your windows to be fitted. The cost of replacing your windows can also depend on the style and material of the windows you would like to be fitted to your house. Our fantastic finance options also mean that you can buy now and pay later to replace your windows in the style you love.


If you are looking to replace your windows for newer models or perhaps you are looking for a new look for the windows in your home, Why not take a look at our collection of windows here at RB Windows? From flush sash windows to triple glazed windows, we offer something for everyone with unbeatable energy ratings to ensure your home is kept as cosy and efficient as it needs to be.

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