How to Choose Your Perfect Conservatory

Choosing your conservatory

Choosing a new conservatory for your home can be an exciting time. With a range of conservatory styles from a bespoke Victorian conservatory to a Georgian-style Gable conservatory, there are a range of conservatory designs to choose from and find the perfect fit for your home. Here is our guide on how to choose a conservatory that is perfect for you.

Are You Looking for a Conservatory?

This might seem an odd question, but a number of people look at conservatories when they are actually looking for an orangery. Which one you need depends on what you will be using your conservatory for among other aspects such as cost but these two are commonly confused by those looking to extend their home. Read our blog on ‘Should I Get an Orangery or a Conservatory’ for more.


What Will You Be Using Your Conservatory For?

Whether you are looking for extra space for the family, somewhere relaxing to sit with your morning cuppa or simply a space to work in when you fancy a change of scenery. What you will use your conservatory for will affect your conservatory design and considering this before you choose your conservatory style will ensure you have the right conservatory for you. One thing you should consider in particular is how large you would like your conservatory to be and how much space you have to house your conservatory.


What Types of Conservatory Are There?

Whilst there are many different styles of conservatory with endless custom conservatory elements you can add to make your conservatory your own, we sell four main types of conservatory at RB Windows, each of which we are able to make bespoke to your specifications.


Gable Conservatories

Gable conservatories are an extremely popular type of conservatory and can add an extremely elegant addition to your home. With a high-pitched roof and airy design, a gable conservatory can add a lot of light to your home space and is based on a traditional square or rectangle design. Created in a Georgian design, this type of conservatory can be adapted to form either a modern conservatory design or a traditional conservatory design.


Victorian Conservatories

A Victorian conservatory is one of the most common types of conservatory and is a classic conservatory look you can’t go wrong with. The glass four-sided pitched roof lets in plenty of light to add to the classic appeal of a conservatory that can be created bespoke to you.


Edwardian Conservatories

Edwardian conservatories are a great practical conservatory design that is perfect for those looking to use their conservatory as an extension of their dining or living areas, providing ample space to enjoy your conservatory. An Edwardian conservatory maximises floor space meaning you are able to fit more in than some other conservatory designs with a rectangle shape and traditional design.


Bespoke Conservatories

Still not found the conservatory for you? Our bespoke conservatory design service will create your custom conservatory just as you want it to look. We’ll guide you through every step of the conservatory design process or you can even create your conservatory design online for complete convenience. Whether you are looking to add more brick pillars to your conservatory, or simply create a one-off truly bespoke design, we are here to help.


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