How to Modernise a Conservatory

Bespoke Modern Conservatory Design

One of the most under-used rooms in many homes is the conservatory. An ill-designed or dated conservatory can sit unused taking up valuable space in your home. If your conservatory is starting to look a bit dated, we have some ideas on how to modernise your conservatory to turn it into a room you are proud to use.

Why Modernise your Conservatory?

Your conservatory is the perfect place to enjoy on warm summer days or to watch winter life in the garden whilst cosy inside. However, older conservatories can often be far too warm in the summer and too cold to enjoy in the winter. By modernising your conservatory, you’ll be able to better regulate the temperature in your conservatory, saving you money on your heating and cooling costs.

Giving your conservatory a makeover can create your perfect extra room in a space that is long overdue a redecoration. If you are looking for a way to make the most of your space in a smaller conservatory, modernising your conservatory could be the way forward.


Modernising a Conservatory

When planning your conservatory makeover, there are some key things to consider. The first is the age of your conservatory and the condition it is in. This will help you decide on how much work you will need to do to modernise your conservatory. 


Assess the Condition of your Conservatory

The first step in your modern conservatory makeover is to check the condition of your conservatory. Is it performing as it should be? Take a look at things such as the condition of your conservatory windows, are they modern and efficient with double or triple glazing? Are all the seals intact? 

If your conservatory is old, one way to modernise your conservatory is to replace or repair your conservatory roof in order to make it more efficient. Replacing your conservatory roof for a more efficient one can save you money on heating bills as well as making your conservatory a more pleasant room to sit in. You could even use your conservatory as a home office with a solid roof conservatory replacement. Take a look at some of our top ways to keep your conservatory cool in the summer for inspiration.


Give Your Conservatory Some TLC

Whilst you are getting started modernising your conservatory, take some time to care for the smaller parts of your conservatory. Your conservatory guttering can be key to keeping your conservatory performing as new so do a thorough clear out of your conservatory guttering and check it is all working properly. Check out our guide on how to clean your conservatory guttering to get you started.


Modern Conservatory Makeover Ideas

When it comes to making your conservatory more modern, interior design ideas are everything. The way you design your conservatory can improve its useability and create spaces you enjoy using.


Makeover Your Floors

A quick way to modernise your conservatory is to change your flooring to something more compatible with your lifestyle. Replace tired old floors with modern laminate or vinyl plank to give your conservatory a new lease of life. Mix up dated looks with modern flooring styles that share your personality and can stand up to daily life in your conservatory environment. 


Create a Floor Plan That Extends Your Space

Rethink your conservatory floor plan to work with the space you have. Think about where your windows and doors are situated and the size of furniture you should really have in your conservatory. You should have clear access to any seating and doorways in your conservatory space, particularly if you are looking for a way to make your conservatory look modern.


Use Your Conservatory as an Office

If you no longer have the need for a conservatory but need a home office space, why not convert your conservatory into a home office? There are plenty of ways to use your conservatory as an office, from adding a solid roof to simply redecorating in a modern style that makes the perfect office environment.


Call in the Conservatory Experts

If you are looking for a conservatory expert to help modernise your conservatory, contact the team at RB Windows now to find out more about how we can help.