In Or Out?

The issue that is on everyone’s minds

There is only one day to go until the country goes to the polls for what is probably going to be known as the biggest single issue for decades. Whether the country chooses to leave or remain in the European Union will be decided on Thursday and of course either way I feel will cause controversy. So what are your thoughts?? Do you think we should Remain or Leave the European Union.

So what are my thoughts on the EU referendum. Currently I am undecided with only one day to go you would think my mind should have been made up. However these are the issues I feel the country will be considering when voting.

Immigration – My thoughts

Immigration to me is not an issue because I feel as a multi-cultural globalised society we should be free to move around the world as we please, as well as bearing in mind that 3.3 million British people also live abroad.


Currently we are giving the EU £350m per day which over the course of a year works out to £20bn!!! A colossal amount you would agree!! But as the Leave campaign has stated this money could be spent back into the UK on things such as the NHS, new affordable housing, paying off the never decreasing national debt, the list is endless. This is perhaps the one main reason I feel I may be persuaded to Leave. I have two young children and feel whilst in the short term the country may indeed suffer, that hopefully long term the spending into such things as affordable housing will indeed benefit my children in the long run.

Stability of the country

Yes I agree that it is safe to stay in the Eurpoean Union and that the country will no doubt continue as it does do now and is currently stable. Yes if we vote Leave this could cause some unrest and instability. Surely for a few years the country will experience quite a lot of unknowns, there will undoubtedly be an effect on our economy and as a young Business woman this is definitely a worry.

So there you have it my thoughts on the EU Referendum. Please share your thoughts!