Our Favourite Single Storey Extension Ideas

flat roof extension

Single storey extensions are fantastic for adding extra space and functionality to your home. From kitchen extensions to extra seating areas to a home office, there are plenty of single-storey extension ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Here are just a few of our favourites.

Small House Extension Ideas

If you are looking for a way to add space to your home, small house extensions are a fantastic way to make use of limited space and capitalise on existing space in your home. Small house extensions can extend kitchen space, add a dining area or even create a more spacious living area to enjoy with the family. By making use of the existing structure of your home in your small house extension you will be able to create a space that moulds to the traditional design of your home or adds an eclectic modern touch to a stylish new space.

Single Storey Extension Ideas for Kitchens

One of the most popular uses for a single storey home extension is to create an extended kitchen area to enjoy. Many houses built in the last 20 or so years have open-plan layouts with small kitchens taking up a corner of the space. For families, in particular, this can be an annoying feature of an otherwise perfect home. By building a rear or side extension with a kitchen on to your home, your dream kitchen could be within reach. By extending an existing kitchen you can create a spacious room with room for the whole family to move freely.

Side Extension Ideas for your Home

If you are looking to extend your home but space to the rear of your home is in limited supply, or you already have a conservatory or other extension to the rear of your home, a side extension is a fantastic idea to add even more space to your home. Whether you are looking for a carport to house your car during the winter months or an extra room to use as a living or dining area, single-storey side extensions are ideal. 

Connect With the Outdoors with Folding Doors

There is nothing better on a summer day than letting the breeze drift through your windows. Why not go one better and connect your indoor space with the outdoors with folding patio doors that fold back and allow you to completely open up one wall of your single-storey extension to your outdoor space? Whether you are looking to build a single storey kitchen extension or living room extension, adding floor-to-ceiling glass doors is one of our favourite single-storey extension ideas.

Don’t Have Room for an Extension? Convert your Conservatory!

If space is a premium in your home but you are looking for extra living space, why not convert your conservatory into an extra, usable room? Many of us are guilty of simply abandoning our conservatories during the summer months and using the space only in the mornings or evenings. By converting your conservatory roof into a solid roof and using it as an extension of your existing living, dining or kitchen space, there is a massive amount of potential for expanding your living space within an already existing structure.

Find Your Perfect Single Storey Extension

Here at RB Windows, we offer a wide range of bespoke house extensions to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a simple small house extension or looking for a grand house extension idea, our team has the specialist knowledge to help.

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