5 Ways To Upgrade Your Home Security With House Improvements


If you’re looking for ways to secure your home, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Many home security tips advise installing security systems with alarms and CCTV cameras but there are additional ways to improve security with home improvements. For over three decades,  RB Windows has been installing windows and doors that improve and modernise your house and enhance security. If you want to know how to secure your property, we’ve listed some of our favourite house improvements that will make you feel safe and protected.


How Can I Make my House More Secure?

When it comes to making your home feel safe, the entry and exit points of your home are the first areas you’ll want to secure. Modern windows and doors are designed with features that enhance the security of your home as well as improve energy efficiency. If your front door, patio doors and windows in your property are outdated, the security of your home may be at risk. 


Replace Old Windows With Secure Windows

If your property is more than 20 years old and you still have your original windows, you could benefit from a modern replacement. Older windows with wood frames will not be as weatherproof as UPVC windows for example so they become weak and warped over time. A weakened window frame could provide easy access for intruders to enter your home. If you’re looking for burglar proof windows, choose casement windows. Replacement casement windows are a great way to improve home security as they can only be opened from the inside. At RB Windows, we can supply and fit aluminium casement windows and UPVC casement windows that will go with the style of your home while keeping your family safe from intruders.


Invest in Double or Triple Glazed Windows

Single glazed windows are no match for double glazing or triple glazed windows when it comes to home safety. If you want to improve your home security. installing windows with triple glazing not only offer superior insulation but the additional panes of glass provide you with toughness and durability not found with a single pane window. The toughened glass gives your windows impact resistance which will keep intruders at bay. Having modern double or triple glazing gives your windows a well maintained appearance that acts as a deterrent against robbers who will see that your windows are secure.



Choose A Secure Front Door

The front door of your home represents the entry point to your safe space and keeping it secure it a priority of most homeowners. Traditional wood doors don’t stand up to the needs of today’s standards so when it comes to a secure front door, more and more people choose a composite door. Composite front doors are made of reinforced materials and manufactured to be impact resistant. The strength of a composite door makes offers better protection against intruders than standard doors thanks to its solid core, rigid frame and high-impact resistant GRP skin.


Invest in Secure Locks

A secure front door or window relies on secure locks to make it as effective as possible. If you decide to upgrade your front door to a composite door, you’ll be pleased to know that composite front doors are known for their enhanced security and locks approved by the Police security initiative, “Secured by Design”. Modern composite doors are fitted with ABS 3 star rated locks with anti-snap cylinders and multi-point locking systems. At RB Windows, the composite doors we supply only use locks that conform to the highest security standards. The locks are tested by the Master Locksmith Association and pass with Sold Secure Diamond grade making them the most secure locks you can have on your door.


Upgrade to Secure Patio Doors

Many modern patio doors are designed with security in mind have features designed to make them stand up against break-ins. With toughened glass, steel reinforced frames and modern patio door locks, sliding patio doors are a great investment when it comes to making your home more secure. Much like the secure doors and windows we supply at RB Windows, our sliding patio doors can be built to meet the specifications of the UK Police initiative “Secured By Design”.  The initiative has an accreditation scheme for products that meet high security standards recognised by the police. You can be sure that the products that meet the Secured By Design specifications are designed and manufactured to effectively secure your home and give you peace of mind. 


RB Windows have been supplying and fitting secure door and windows for over 30 years and when it comes to home security, the products we supply meet the highest standards. If you want to know more about upgrading your windows  and doors contact our friendly team who can help you make the right choices to suit your needs. Call us today on 01543 467146 or make an enquiry online.