UPVC bi-folding doors combine the many benefits of UPVC patio doors with the slim, streamlined system of a bi-folding door system. Developed with energy efficiency in mind, Smartsystems Visifold 100 systems, feature a polyamide thermal break that enhances the natural performance of your UPVC bifold patio doors and improves the overall U-Value. Our double-glazed bifold doors also feature EPDM high quality gaskets and weather brushes to provide complete weather resistance. This makes UPVC bifolding doors a great solution for opening up your home, bringing the outdoors in and filling your interior areas with plenty of natural light.

Key Features of UPVC Bi-Folding Doors

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Are you unsure whether our bifold doors will suit your home in Staffordshire? When it comes to UPVC bi-folding doors, every door is made bespoke to suit your home. This means you’ll have a choice of high-quality materials from textured to dual coloured or white UPVC bifold doors. As part of our wide range, you’ll be able to choose from a selection of sizes to fit your space including 3-panel UPVC bifold doors. UPVC bi-folding door costs are calculated on a case-by-case basis to fit your door design and ideas.

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UPVC bifold doors are versatile because of their strong but lightweight composition and are a great choice for any home as they suit both traditional style and modern style homes. If you are looking for a stylish, clean-cut look then UPVC bi-folding doors can give you a high-end look without compromising on performance. This makes UPVC bifolds perfect for extensions or any other home renovation project.

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Our UPVC bi-folding doors are designed to be easy to maintain whilst offering a number of benefits to your home. Multi-point lock mechanisms are positioned on main opening sashes with shoot-bolt locking on floating mullions. You’ll also have a wide range of design choices when it comes to designing your UPVC bi-folding doors with a range of standard and non-standard colours from dual colour to wood-structure and metallic bi-folding door finishes. The slim lines of UPVC bi-folding doors allow for a stylish design to suit any home style with both square and rounded edge options available.


Our Favourite UPVC Bi-Folding Door Projects