Warmer Roof Conservatory Conversions – Year-Round Comfort

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As the summer months are approaching, you may be finding that your conservatory is now starting to heat up, particularly if you have an older style conservatory. If you are looking for a way to regulate the temperature in your conservatory and create a room you can use year-round in comfort, a Warmer Roof conservatory conversion could be ideal. Here’s why.

What is a Warmer Roof Conservatory Conversion?

Warm roof conservatory roofs are a specialist construction formed from a timber framework customised to your preferences. Warmer Roof conversions are naturally resistant to condensation and are highly insulated making them the warmest type of conservatory roof in the winter and a cooling form in the summer. With excellent thermal performance, your warmer roof conservatory roof conversion could help you to save money on cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter making it ideal for any living space.

Warmer Roof Systems That Solve Your Conservatory Woes

Does your conservatory transform into a sauna as soon as the warmer weather starts? A warmer roof conservatory roof conversion could help prevent heat from building up in your conservatory in the summer and help cool your conservatory down with innovative roof technology that brings your conservatory roof right up to the present. Here are a few ways a Warmer Roof conservatory conversion could improve your home.

Create a Useable Room in Your Conservatory

With the rise in home working, many of us are stretching for extra space in our homes to transform into home offices. In many cases, conservatories are left as little-used rooms due to the extreme heat and light in the summer and cold temperatures in the winter. By converting your conservatory roof to a Warmer Roof, you can create an extra room in your home that is suitable for year-round use, with better control over the amount of light you allow into your room with flexible tiled roof and roof window options.

Save Money on Energy Costs With a Conservatory Roof Conversion From Warmer Roofs

When you add an insulated roof from Warmer Roofs you’ll be creating a better-regulated room that helps to take the pressure off your heating and cooling systems. Your new conservatory roof can help keep your conservatory or home extension warm in the winter and cool in the summer saving your money in the long run.

Convert Your Conservatory Roof Quickly and Easily

Many people put off making alterations to their conservatory because they are worried about drawn-out renovations creating a mess in their home. However, the Warmer Roof system is prefabricated off-site making it quick and simple to install once it reaches your home. If plans change during construction, your new conservatory roof is also incredibly easy to alter on-site without delaying installation through the simple timber fabrication.


How Does a Warmer Roof Conservatory Roof Conversion Work?

Converting your conservatory roof with a Warmer Roof from RB Windows couldn’t be simpler. One of our professional conservatory roof convertors will assess your conservatory or extension to see if it is suitable for conversion and arrange for fitting by our specialist team. The roof itself is assembled offsite. So fitting your new conservatory or extension roof is a breeze and guaranteed to last with a ten-year guarantee.


Choose the Experts in Warmer Roof Conservatory Conversions

If you want to transform your conservatory into a useable room with a warmer roof conversion, contact RB Windows now to get started. Our professional team can talk you through the options and create the ideal conservatory conversion for you.

Find out more about Warmer Roof conversions here or contact our team to get started now.