Are you looking for a stunning conservatory roof replacement that allows you to enjoy your conservatory all year round whilst making it more energy efficient? The Warmer Roof supplied by RB Windows is the perfect solution for making your conservatory truly feel connected to your home. A favourite with Cannock homeowners, the warm roof style has excellent thermal performance. This is due to its unique design and results in an energy-saving warm roof conservatory that stays cool and comfortable in summer and warm and inviting during winter months. It’s never too late to get the conservatory or extension of your dreams as a warm roof can be fitted to a new extension or can replace an existing conservatory roof.
Warmer Roof is constructed with a robust timber framework that is naturally resistant to condensation and is highly insulated making a Warmer Roof the warmest type of conservatory roof on the market.

Key Features of Warmer Roof Timber Roof System

Warmer Roof by RB Windows


The timber used in our warm roof construction is the most naturally eco-friendly building material you can find. The Warmer Roof only uses timber sourced from companies that actively participate in sustainable forest regeneration programmes where 3 trees are planted for every tree that is cut down. The natural insulation properties of timber create a thermally-efficient conservatory that costs less to heat, which is ideal if you’re looking for energy efficiency as well as style. We also offer sustainable tile solutions for The Warmer Roof like Metrotile and Tapco Slate, a substitute for slate made using a recyclable blend of limestone and polypropylene.

Warmer Roof by RB Windows


Is your conservatory too cold in winter and unbearably hot in summer? The Warmer Roof is an ideal roof replacement that creates a comfortable living space that you’ll want to use every day. The impressively low U-Value of 0.14 W/(m2K) relates to the exceptional thermal performance of this type of warm roof and the highly insulated quality of the Warmer Roof means your conservatory or extension can stay cool in summer and cosy in the winter. The timber used to construct the Warmer Roof is also resistant to condensation, has been rigorously tested by our specialist engineers and comes with a 10-year guarantee, so you can have the peace of mind to enjoy your new living space all year round for years to come.

Warmer Roof By RB Windows


The Warmer Roof boasts a unique modular pod system which is delivered to your door premade making the installation of your warm roof quicker than other types of conservatory roofs. The prefabricated warm roof system also means less disruption to your home when building your conservatory roof or replacing your existing one. Warmer Roof is Building Control compliant with certification granted upon application. Sometimes plans can change during construction and because timber is easier to modify than aluminium, any changes to the design can be made on-site without delaying the warm roof installation.

Warmer Roof Conservatory Roof Styles

The Warmer Roof Timber Roof System can be fitted in a number of styles making it perfect for those looking for a bespoke conservatory in Staffordshire. RB Windows can install your Warmer Roof in the following standard roof options.


victorian style roof

Made up of three angled facets at the front of the conservatory, the Victorian Conservatory Roof is one of the most popular roof options.



This minimalistic mono pitched roof is ideal for adding large opening vents. The Lean-to is a favourite that offers simple clean lines to create a stylish conservatory.


edwardian style roof

This three sided roof slopes towards the ridge and is an effective design in a simplified shape.

Victorian 5 Bay

victorian 5 bay style roof

This roof style is the same shape as the Victorian 5 Bay roof but with two additional hips that create five angled facets at the front of the conservatory

Hipped Lean-To

hipped lean-to style roof

The hipped lean-to is the same shape as the classic lean-to but with two additional hips that create two sloping surfaces.

Double Edwardian
With Box Gutter

double edwardian with box gutter

The aluminium box gutter featured in this doubled sided Edwardian style roof is fitted directly to the wall of the house.


gable style roof

If you want to maximise the light entering your conservatory, then a gable style conservatory roof is your best option. This style offers a contemporary look with the option of a glass gable frame at the front of the conservatory.


p-shape roof

Looking for a more bespoke roof style? The P-Shape roof combines any two roof styles to create a custom designed conservatory roof.


Our Favourite Warmer Roof Projects