What is an Orangery?

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When it comes to creating an extension of your home, an orangery is often one of the best uses of space and the perfect way to create a useable space in your home that really makes the use of natural light available. If you are considering extending your home with an orangery or conservatory and don’t know where to start or are wondering what an orangery even is, our guide is here to help.

What is an Orangery?

One of the first questions you may have is what even is an orangery? Simply put, an orangery is an extension of your home made predominantly from bricks and timer that makes the use of a ceiling lantern or glass panels to allow more light to enter the room. It bears some resemblance to a conservatory however there are some key differences in terms of structure and materials.


What is the Difference Between an Orangery and Conservatory?

There is often some confusion between orangeries and conservatories in terms of what the difference is between the two. One of the main differences between an orangery and a conservatory is the roof. Whilst orangeries, similar to conservatories still make use of glass for their ceilings, this is often in the form of a lantern built on to a more substantial frame on the roof as an alternative to the all-glass form of a conservatory with orangeries featuring a perimeter roof to house the suspended ceiling. Another difference between orangeries and conservatories is the predominantly brick base. Whilst conservatories usually feature wall-to-ceiling windows as their walls, orangeries typically have a solid brick foundation with windows added above.


What Types of Orangeries Are There?

As orangery specialists, the team at RB Windows provide two main types of orangery. These include Parapet orangeries and fascia orangeries. The type you choose all depends on the look you want from your orangery. Parapet orangeries, for example, include a parapet wall that circles the top of your orangery concealing the roof rafters and any guttering behind. The high, castle-like wall of a parapet orangery typically contains a flat orangery roof behind with a large roof sky lantern positioned in the centre giving the most natural light of any orangery type.

Another type of orangery is the Fascia orangery. The fascia orangery features a perimeter edge fascia or cornice for a beautiful effect whilst the glass lantern roof allows light to flood into your orangery. Full height picture windows and an elegant flat roof design combine to create a stylish home extension whilst the pelmet allows for down lights to be added for additional lighting options.


Why Should I Build an Orangery?

If you are considering extending your home to create an additional living area, orangeries are a fantastic option. They manage to bridge the gap between conservatory and standard home extension by allowing you to benefit from additional light in your room combined with the usability a home extension offers. If you have struggled with the extreme temperatures of a conservatory in the past, the additional framing of an orangery can help regulate temperatures better whilst still offering the benefits of a conservatory. 

Aside from the practical uses of an orangery, orangeries also offer a stylish design option allowing you to fully customise the appearance of your orangery extension with modern orangery design. One of the more popular options for orangery designs is the creation of an orangery kitchen extension. Particularly with modern-styled homes, an orangery extension in your kitchen can introduce high amounts of natural light with added space that creates an incredible feel in your home. However, whether you are creating a small orangery or a large orangery, there are a wealth of options to choose from with a range of price levels to suit your budget.


How Much Does an Orangery Cost?

When it comes to orangery extensions, the good news is that they typically sit at a similar point to conservatories. Depending on the type of orangery you would like built on to your home, orangery specialists can work with your ideas to create a design that works with your needs at a relatively affordable price compared to standard extension costs. Similar to conservatories, orangery costs typically start at around £10,000 and vary according to materials used, size and design elements. Whatever size or shape your property is, an orangery extension can be designed to blend seamlessly with your home and create additional living space that fits your needs.


Create Your Dream Orangery

Whatever you have been dreaming of, the orangery specialists here at RB Windows are here to bring your dreams to life. We can create a bespoke orangery using your ideas that fits perfectly to your home and fulfils your home’s needs. You’ll be able to customise your roof style, windows, lighting options and more to create your ideal orangery.

Contact our team now to find out more about how to get started creating your orangery and allow our professional team to answer any questions you may have. Contact us online or call 01543 467146 to talk to our team.