What Your Front Door Colour Says About You

how to choose a front door colour

When it comes to choosing your front door colour, the colour you choose sets the tone for your whole house. Whether you are looking for a fun and quirky pop of colour or a more traditional tone, here is our guide to what your front door colour says about you and how to pick the right colour for your front door.

Positive Vibes

For a colour that instantly brings a touch of sunshine to your home, despite the weather, choose a front door in yellow. Symbolising happiness and warmth in a number of cultures, a yellow front door is the perfect way to inject some personality into your front door with a fun colour to brighten any day.


The Colour of Sophistication

If sophistication is key when choosing your front door colour, choose a colour that has been synonymous for countless years with glamour and exclusivity. By choosing a black door, you ill instantly create a polished finish to your home making it ideal for modern-styled homes as well as traditional homes looking for a classic edge.


Keep it Natural

If deep, earthy tones are more your thing, keep it natural with a front door colour that matches your Zen home. Calming golden oak, rosewood and walnut are the perfect way to create a timeless look and natural wood doors are key to conjuring up a warm, calming welcome after a long day at work. 


Passionate Palettes

If your home is full of life, stand-out reds are the perfect way to share your personality. Indicating passion and excitement, red front doors can be an ideal way to add a splash of colour to your home whilst still keeping a sophisticated vibe. Perfect your power pose with a striking red front door and enjoy a glimpse of colour every time you enter your home.


Blue Everyday

Forget about Blue Monday, a blue front door offers the ultimate calm to your house and, with a wide range of shades to choose from, from pale duck egg blue to striking royal blue, you’ll have plenty of colours to choose from for your front door.


Wonderful White

Like keeping your home in tip-top condition? A white front door can give a sparkling look to your home with a fresh style that gives off a relaxed atmosphere when offset against other elements of your home’s exterior. Channel beach-side vibes or clean-living with a stroke of light at the entrance to your home.


Contemporary Greys

If you are looking for a modern look to offset your contemporary-look home, grey is a fantastic colour to use for your door. Grey doors give off a sophisticated, modern vibe without the solidity of black or the striking nature of white.


Whatever colour you choose for your front door, a brilliantly-designed front door is the perfect match. With a wide range of door types to choose from, RB Windows is one of the leading door experts with an innovative design-your-own door online service that lets you personalise every element of your new door to match your personal style.

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