Why Choose a Glass Roof For Your Conversion?

glass roof conversion

Are you looking for a way to bring more light into your home extension or to replace your conservatory roof with something more energy-efficient? A glass roof conversion could be the perfect way to modernise your home with a roof style that adds light and a sense of spaciousness to your home.

What is a Glass Roof Conversion?

Whilst it may seem obvious, a glass roof conversion isn’t just replacing your conservatory roof with glass. The glass used for glass roof conversions is much stronger than typical glass. Older-style conservatories were often built with poorly insulated glass or low-quality polycarbonate panes. Newer, superior solar glass can help to regulate the temperature of your conservatory or extension much better than traditional conservatory roofs and provide a stylish yet sturdy roof replacement that looks great.


Why Choose a Glass Roof Conservatory Conversion?

When it comes to updating your conservatory roof, you may be looking for something that has better thermal efficiency but still gives you all of the benefits of a conservatory such as increased light within your room. Converting your conservatory to a glass roof can help transform your little-used conservatory space into a workable room that can be used year round. Using glazed panels in your conservatory roof can create a light, airy room that is perfect for use as a playroom, living area, homework space or reading nook and can create the perfect entertaining space in your home in all weathers. 


What is a Glass Roof Suitable For?

Whether you are opting for a partial glass roof or a full glass roof for a conservatory or extension, glass roofs are suitable for a wide range of projects. A new glass conservatory roof could help better insulate your home and prevent heat loss through the roof of your conservatory. If your conservatory roof has seen better days, a glass conservatory roof conversion could be the perfect way to update your conservatory and make it more energy efficient. Some glass roof types even have a special coating to make them easier to clean. If you are wondering if a conservatory roof conversion is suitable for your older conservatory, the good news is that structure-dependant, most conservatories should be suitable for a glass roof conversion.

glass roof conversion

Why Choose RB Windows For Your Glass Roof Conversion?

If you are thinking about converting your conservatory roof to a glass roof or adding a glass roof to your home extension, RB Windows are the specialist for the job. We have a range of roof replacement options and can work with you to bring your roof conversion ideas to life. Our roof conversion experts will talk you through a range of options to find the right fit for your home and match materials to your existing home style for the perfect fit. We can get your new glass conservatory roof fitted quickly with little fuss or mess to help you enjoy your conservatory or home extension even quicker.


To find out more about our glass roof conversions contact our team online or by calling 01543 467146 now.