Why Now is the Perfect Time to Convert your Conservatory to a Solid Roof

solid roof conversion

With the approach of summer comes the approach of warmer weather and a time conservatory owners have come to dread. If you are looking forward to another year of finding how to keep your conservatory cool in the summer our solid-roof conversions are here to help. Now could be the perfect time for a solid roof conservatory conversion to have your conservatory transformed into an extra room well before the summer months kick in.

What is a Solid Roof Conversion?

A solid roof conversion is a conservatory roof conversion that swaps your current glass roof for a solid roof. This comes with a whole host of added benefits including added year-round usable room space and more. During a solid roof conversion, your conservatory roof will be transformed into a solid structure with a warm roof structure that extends your property and provides the perfect solution to your current conservatory design without the larger expenses building a home extension can cause.


Why is Now the Best Time for a Solid Roof Conservatory Conversion?

It is well-known among those with a conservatory as part of their home that during the summer months, traditional or outdated conservatory roofs can trap heat inside of the conservatory space making them sometimes unbearable during warmer weather. Whilst we talked about how to keep your conservatory cool in a previous post, there is one way to make your conservatory the perfect year-round space without having to think about it. By converting your conservatory roof into a solid roof now, you can get a head start on making your conservatory a useable space before it gets to the trapped heat stage of the summer. 

With many of us currently working from home, converting a conservatory roof now means that you can create your own custom home office without having to take up another room for your workspace. Instead of clearing the kitchen table every evening and sharing your home office space with homework, games and more, why not create a home office in your conservatory by converting the conservatory roof into one that is economical and creates the perfect working environment?


How Can a Solid Roof Conversion Help?

If you are planning on using your conservatory as an additional living or office space, a solid roof conversion could be the ideal solution. Solid roof conversions provide fantastic thermal efficiency meaning that they are able to regulate the temperature inside of your conservatory much more easily. This not just helps keep your conservatory cool during the summer, but it also helps to keep your conservatory warm when winter comes back around again. Better climate control in your conservatory doesn’t just create a more pleasant space, it can also help lower your heating and cooling costs making your home more energy-efficient and better for the environment.

solid roof conservatory roof conversion

Customise your Solid Roof Conservatory Conversion

A solid roof conservatory conversion is a quick and simple way to make the most out of your conservatory space. Our solid roof installations can be installed in no time at all leaving more time for you to enjoy your home and garden. Our solid roof conversions also offer endless ways to make your home your own. We know that not every home is the same and your conservatory conversion should be no different.

So, whether you are looking for a Victorian conservatory roof conversion or a modern gable conservatory conversion, we have a range of interior and exterior styles and finishes to suit you. We can even incorporate the addition of roof lights to add even more flexibility to your design as well as matching the conservatory solid roof tiles to your existing home’s roof tiles for a seamless design. By converting your conservatory roof now, the longer nights mean you have even more time to spend admiring your new conservatory roof and even more hours in your new sun room to enjoy.


Where Can I Find Out More About Solid Roof Conversions and Conservatory Roof Conversion Costs?

Our team are experts at conservatory roof conversions and have a wide range of options to suit any house type. If you have any questions for our team about solid roofs and their costs or any of our other products and services, get in touch now to find out more.