Vertical Slider

The VEKA Halo vertical slider is the answer to the traditional sliding sash window, it has all the elegance and charm of an original timber window, yet none of the drawbacks. No more draughts and sash cords. Our vertical sliders have a pile-sealed frames which is an easy to operate mechanism.

Crafted with attention to detail, our vertical sash windows combine the functional benefits and performance of a modern PVCu window with the feel and aesthetic appeal and a traditional wood window.

Our vertical sliding sash windows have a timeless elegance made with beautiful proportions and symmetry.

They have the true looks of the original timber sash window for which they replace, retaining all of the character of the property itself. Modern day high performance.

Individually measured, they offer outstanding energy saving, exceptional weather proofing and are low maintenance, as well as added safety and security peace of mind.

Make a wise investment, one that will enhance the appearance of any home – period, or contemporary, town or country which discerning homeowners will truly adore

Why Choose Box Sash Windows:

  • Give your home traditional charm with the benefit of modern fittings
  • Smooth to open and draught-free when closed
  • Energy efficient – can help reduce your heating bills
  • Secure – shoot-bolt locks, key locking handles and toughened glass
  • Effective noise reduction – great for keeping out external sounds