Tilt & Turn

Tilt and turn combine streamlined style with real practicality. These windows are hinged at the base and tilt inwards for ventilation. With an extra turn of the handle, the frames can operate fully into the room on a side hinge. The full opening means that tilt and turns can easily be cleaned from indoors – no need to struggle with ladders or to employ a window cleaner.

Tilt and Turn windows are a great alternative to casement windows as they open inwards, allowing maximum ventilation.

The tilt and turn window is popular where an inward opening application is required, for instance where outside window shutters prevent a window from opening outwards. It operates simply into ‘ventilation mode’, where the top of the sash tilts inwards. On closing the sash and further rotating the handle the hinge mechanism is engaged which makes the sash swing inwards for an easier and safer clean to the outside windowpane.

  • Tilt inwards for fresh air or 90 degrees for maximum ventilation
  • Enables safe cleaning from the inside
  • Energy efficient – can help reduce your heating bills
  • Child Restrictors and ‘safe’ locking handles provide safety in use features.
  • High security locking mechanisms.
  • Effective noise reduction – great for dampening external sounds