Aluminium windows are often used on larger projects as the floor to ceiling windows can give your home the wow effect and can offer you panoramic views. Don’t let aluminium windows fool you, despite the delicate look, aluminium is in fact a product which longer lasting that most other window materials. Aluminium is an incredibly strong and durable material which will help to make you feel safe in your home. When used to support a larger piece of glass, aluminium window frames help to improve the insulation of your home because glass is a very effective insulator. Aluminium windows also come fitted with a thermal break that reduces or prevents thermal energy flowing from one conductive material to another. So turn your heating down and enjoy lower energy bills. If you live in Staffordshire and you’re looking for customisable aluminium windows, RB Windows offer you a huge variety of styles that are completely bespoke so can be made with you and your home in mind.

Key Features of Aluminium Windows

three windows at front


Aluminium windows are renowned for long life and you’ll be able to enjoy your windows for not only years but decades due to their incredibly resistant elements.

Center window


Aluminium can be easily shaped so your design possibilities are almost endless and thanks to its strength they can support large panes of glass.

side glass window


If you’re looking to let as much light into your home as possible and want a modern look for your home then aluminium windows will suit you. There is very little framework around the edge of the glass, giving you great sight lines. Not only this it will create a modern look and feel for your home as well as giving you maximum light..


Our Favourite Aluminium Windows Projects