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Garage conversions are a fantastic way to create more useable space in your home, without extending the floorplan. If your garage has become more of a dumping ground for unused objects, you could be wasting valuable room space that could become a new bedroom, home office, extended kitchen and more. RB Windows are Cannock garage conversion specialists who serve the whole region, bringing garage conversion ideas to life.

Build Your Dream Garage Conversion With RB Windows

Whether you are looking to convert your garage into a living space such as an extra sitting or games room or convert your garage into a gym, our experienced team can work with you to bring your dream garage conversion to life. We take care of everything from garage door conversions to insulating your garage conversion, turning your garage conversion into a room through proper flooring and lighting your garage extension and more. 

Our garage conversions, like all of our building work, are always up to building regulations so you can be sure your new garage room can be used and enjoyed for years to come. One of the most popular conversion ideas we see is converting garages to offices and we can help to create your perfect work-from-home space whether you are looking for a double garage conversion, single garage conversion or an integral garage conversion.

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Garage Conversion Costs

At RB Windows, Garage conversion costs are calculated on a case-by-case basis. This is because no two garage conversions are the same. We give you a world of options when it comes to your new garage room and the cost to convert your garage to a living space will reflect that. However, we are always fairly priced and will advise on the best garage conversion options for your budget.

Contact RB Windows to Get Started

To find out more about our garage conversions and how we can help bring your dream garage conversion to life, contact our professional team now online or by calling 01543 467146 to find out more.

Garage Conversion FAQs

Do I Need Planning Permission to Convert a Garage?

The good news is that most integral garage conversions fall under what is called permitted development meaning you should not need to apply for planning permission. However, this is not always the case, especially for garage conversions that are not joined to your house. Our team of specialists will work with you to ensure all of the necessary permissions are in place before work starts.

Is Converting a Garage a Good Idea?

Whether you are thinking of a garage gym conversion, converting a garage into a bedroom and bathroom or converting your garage to a home office, remodelling your garage space is a fantastic idea. This type of conversion is particularly useful to those who don’t have much land around their homes to extend out into and would like to keep their loft as storage space only. The timescale of a garage conversion is also often shorter than many home extension types as it is already part of your home.