What Can You do With an Orangery? Inspiring Orangery Ideas for 2023

When it comes to creating multifunctional spaces, an orangery extension can give you a variety of ways to use the extra room. Gone are the days when orangeries were associated with growing fruit, nowadays, bespoke orangeries can be purpose-built to suit your needs whilst increasing the aesthetic appeal of your property. If you’ve decided that you want to add space to your home in the form of an orangery, here are some of our favourite orangery extension ideas for 2023.


Create an Orangery Playroom

Your orangery room can become the best playroom on the street. With a dedicated orangery playroom leading straight into the garden, your little ones can mix indoor and outdoor play without running through the entire house. Older children (and adults) can enjoy the new space as a gaming room. With the right orangery furniture, storage solutions and lighting, you can turn your orangery into a cosy entertainment room for all the family.


Work From Home in an Orangery Office

As more and more of us work from home, the need to create inspiring spaces grows and a small orangery extension makes a perfect home office. The bright, well-lit space that an orangery office creates results in a productive and inviting workspace within the home. With a modern orangery, your home office will be functional and comfortable all year round thanks to the triple glazing options available. Additionally, the amount of brickwork that creates the distinctive features of an orangery extension makes your office more comfortable during colder months.


Cook in Style With an Orangery Kitchen Extension

One of the most popular uses for an orangery is to create a kitchen orangery. Having a beautiful kitchen space that extends into the garden is not just visually appealing but also makes an attractive bespoke feature that can add value to your property. If you enjoy entertaining, the open-plan style of a kitchen diner orangery is a great way to let guests relax with you while you’re busy cooking. The glass roof structure allows the room to be filled with natural light which increases the spacious feel and makes a great environment for growing kitchen herbs as well as cooking with them.


Use Your Orangery Room as a Home Gym

If you’ve made “going to the gym” one of your resolutions this year, creating your own orangery gym means you can stick to your plans whilst never leaving the house. If you’re looking for functional, small orangery ideas, an indoor gym is perfect for anyone who wants to keep fit at home. Whether you want to create a room for weights, a place for yoga or a dedicated fitness studio, the unique framework design of the orangery roof means your orangery gym will maintain an even temperature for a comfortable workout space.


Eat Together in an Orangery Dining Room

Perfect for dinner parties and family meals, an orangery dining room creates a luxurious space to come together and eat. Enjoy a separate space for entertaining, having cosy drinks or eating a meal while enjoying views of the garden. Adding custom patio doors to your bespoke orangery means you can seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor eating and enjoy the summer breeze during warmer months.


Why Choose a Customised Orangery Extension from RB Windows? 

If you’re looking for a way to quickly increase your living space, bespoke orangeries are the happy medium between a conservatory and a traditional extension. If want to create a more solid structure, an orangery is usually built with less glass and more brickwork than a modern conservatory and is often quicker to build and more cost effective than having a house extension. Most orangeries fall under permitted development meaning planning permission isn’t usually required, unlike some, more detailed extensions. With our smallest orangery extensions taking between 2-4 weeks to complete, now is the perfect time to plan your renovation and have it ready to enjoy by summer. 

For more orangery ideas, information about our orangery extensions or to book a quote, contact our team of experts who will be happy to help.

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