Choosing the Right Casement Windows for Your Home

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These days, when it comes to choosing new windows for your home, there are a world of options with a wide variety of styles, colours and materials to choose from. If you are thinking of replacing your home windows with new casement windows, RB Windows has the expertise and range to find your perfect fit. Here is how to choose the best casement windows for your home.

What Are Casement Windows?

Casement windows are a popular type of window featuring a hinge that most often allows the windows to open to the left or right but can also be hinged at the top of the window frame. There are a number of different casement window types ranging from traditional casement styles to modern. 


Why Are Casement Windows a Good Choice for My New Windows?

Casement windows are a fantastic option for any type of home. This type of window is very efficient as they are fully sealed with the window sash pressing against the frame to form an airtight seal once closed. With a range of glazing options for casement windows, you’ll also be able to choose glazing that works to keep heat inside of your home during the winter months to help with your home’s energy efficiency. 

Due to their configuration, they are also very simple to open and close and give an unobstructed view without blocking out light with a clunky window frame. On top of this, casement windows can be designed to suit any type of property due to the huge array of styles available.


What Are the Main Casement Window Types

There are three main types of casement window. These include single frame casement windows, double casement windows and push-out casement windows. Each of these have different characteristics that create an impressive effect in your home.

Single frame casement windows have a single frame with panels of glass separated by  strips and open outwards or inwards depending on how they are mounted. These are extremely long-wearing due to their build style and are great ventilation options for your home due to their wide openings.

Double casement windows consist of two windows hinged out on the the sides that typically swing out and meet in the middle. These are sometimes known as French casement windows and can create an elegant look in your home that can match in well if you have french doors. When opened fully, these create an unobstructed view due to the large opening.

Lastly, push-out casement windows come in both single and double styles and uses a handle rather than a crank. This casement window type offers heightened security features and can contain multi-point locking systems and can often be opened inwardly for ease of cleaning.


Casement Window Glazing Options

Whilst previously you may have been limited to choosing from single or double glazing, modern window types have a wide variety of casement window glazing options to choose from. The materials used for the windows themselves are usually UPVC or aluminium and as such ave a huge variety of colours and styles to choose from. The way casement window are designed makes them naturally good sounds and energy insulators but choosing a high-performing window glazing can help protect your home even more.

If thermal control is your highest priority, 4S glass is a fantastic choice for your casement window replacement. It is designed to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer ith enhanced security, 57% heat reflection and 63% less heat loss when compared to standard double glazing. If condensation has been a problem in your home in the past, you’ll be glad to know 4S glass almost completely eliminates internal condensation.

Triple glazed casement windows are also another fantastic option. Our triple glazing is formed from two panes of low E glass and one pane of low iron glass with the invisible coating on the low E glass reflecting heat back into your room making it cheaper to heat your home during the winter. By using triple glazed casement windows, you could increase your home’s energy efficiency by up to a third compared to standard double glazing. 


A Rated Glazing Vs A+ Rated Glazing for Casement Windows

When it comes to thermal efficiency for your windows, A rated and A+ rated glazing are the best out there. A rated glazing features Super Spacer no-metal warm edge technology in order to prevent heat loss and delivery high-quality window performance. The next standard up, A+ rated window glazing is the highest level of window glazing available for your casement windows. This type of glazing can be a great way to improve the thermal efficiency of your home and lower your heating bills and energy bills year-round.


Talk to Our Casement Window Specialists

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