How to Choose the Right Windows for Your House

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When it comes to choosing the right windows for your home, deciding on the right style of window is extremely important. Window styles can make or break an architectural style and add a personal touch to the exterior of your home. From casement to vertical sliders, here is our complete guide to choosing the right windows for your house.

What Types of Windows Are There?

There are a number of different types of window to choose from for your home. Here are the types of windows we provide here at RB Windows.

Casement Windows

Made from 100% recycled materials, our casement windows are a stylish addition to your home and a great way to boost your home’s energy rating by keeping in heat. Casement windows can be made to fit any height and are attached to a frame by one or more hinges opening outwards.


Tilt & Turn Windows

Ideal for lofts or other restrictive spaces, tilt and turn windows are perfect for those hard-to-reach positions and can be easily combined with fixed panes or incorporated into bay windows or conservatories.


Vertical Slider Windows

Vertical slider windows create a timeless, elegant look for your home as well as a complementary symmetry. Combining the aesthetic appeal of a traditional wooden window with the benefits of a modern, PVCU window, vertical slider windows are a great choice when deciding the right windows to use for your house.


Flush Sash Windows

Similar to traditional Georgian windows, flush sash windows are the perfect addition to a more traditional-style home whilst also working well with more contemporary house styles. Recreating the style of traditional craftsman-built timber windows, flush sash windows come in a variety of woodgrain and colour finished for complete choice on style.


Aluminium Windows

Popularly used on larger window projects, aluminium windows promote the best use of light in modern, efficient frames and are a popular choice when adding windows to a home. Aluminium windows offer a durable and sturdy window option whilst giving a completely flexible design. With very little framework around the glass, these windows are a great source of light for your home, particularly in hard-to-light places.


Top Tips on Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home

Here are our top tips on choosing the right windows for your home.

What is the Purpose of Your Windows?

  • Are they being placed to light up a loft space or dining area? Will your windows be ornamental for use by your front door, for example? Are you adding windows to your bathroom space? Each of these points will affect the type of window that is right for your home.

Choose a Window Style that Reflects the Architectural Style of your Home.

  • Does your home have more of a modern style? Does your home have a traditional cottage style? Choose a home window style that matches your home’s style.

Choose the Right Colour and Material for Your Home.

  • The correct window colour and material can add a touch of colour to your house’s exterior or complete the look of your home. Choose your window colours and materials carefully to suit your home’s style.

Where Are You Fitting Your Windows?

  • When fitting your windows you should think about the position of the window. What time of day does the sun hit that particular room and does this affect your window style? Will the light from the window affect the viewing of any screens or televisions? 

How do You Need the Window to Open?

  • Depending on where your window will be placed, opening style may be very important. Difficult to reach places, for example, may need a particular opening style, if there is not much room for your window to open, it might be worth considering if you want them to open at all.


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