Design Your Dream Door with Our Online Door Designer Tool

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Do you have the perfect door design in mind but can’t seem to find it anywhere? Create your own custom front door using our online door designer tool and design everything from our popular French doors to our more traditional front door designs. Simply follow the below steps in the builder to design your own door online with a free, no-obligation quote.


Step 1 in Building your Dream Door Online

Choose your front door design. Choose from traditional and cottage doors, the Italia collection, the contemporary collection, stable doors and French doors. Design your door online and choose from every type of door we provide.

Our traditional and cottage doors are perfect for more traditional-style homes, whilst modern homes perfectly suite our Italia or contemporary collections. One of the best parts of our door design service is that all of our door designs are available as French or double doors, so you never need to compromise on choice.


Step 2

Choose your door frame. Choose from our wide range of door frame styles to design your dream door online. From side windows to top windows, to windows all the way around your door, you’ll find a world of choice with our fantastic door designs.


Step 3 of the Online Door Designer

Do you love the stylish Milano look, or prefer the classic Harlech style? Choose from a range of door styles from solid to windowed as you complete step three of designing your dream door with our online door designer.


Step 4

Choose your side panel style in this stage if you have opted for a side panel in your custom front door. You can choose from a flagged side panel, a midrail door style or fully glazed for the most light. You can also design your front door side panel with a large selection of composite styles. From full solid to an airy but durable Amalfi side, the choice is yours.


Step 5 – Pick Your Colour

Now comes the most exciting part of designing your own composite door online. Choosing your front door colour. Fancy a pop red or would rather opt for a classic walnut? Are you more of a modern Titan type? Select your external and internal door colours to truly customise your front door design.

Next, choose your frame colour. You’ll be able to choose from a range of frame colours for your internal and external frame, including everything from rosewood to a Chartwell green door frame for a splash of colour. Make your door your own by choosing a colour to suit you whilst designing our own front door online.


Step 6

Opt for frosty Artic glass for privacy or Dorchester stained glass along with many other options as you design your front door online. Customise your front door glass along with the side panel glass of your dream front door for complete choice. If you have multiple panels in your front door design, you’ll have the option to choose the glass tyle for each section in this penultimate step.



Take this last step to add the finishing touches to your dream door design in the online door designer. Choose from modern, heritage ironmongery, contemporary and digital door handle ranges for your door handles. Our digital door handles have a choice of gold or chrome finishes. You can also select your letterbox and its position as well as door lock style and whether you would like your new front door to hinge to the left or right. The ultimate in customisation for your dream front door.

Once you have completed this step, congratulations! You’ll see a preview of your dream front door design with all of the details and the option to edit. You’ll also have the option to request a free quote for your door. 

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If you are unsure of which door style to choose, get in touch to talk to one of our advisors. Click here to request a callback or book an appointment.