Should I Get an Orangery or a Conservatory? Your Questions Answered

Conservatory or Orangery

When considering an extension to your home, there are a wide range of options to choose from. Two of the most popular choices are conservatories and orangeries. One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked is, what is the difference between orangeries and conservatories? We are here to answer all of your questions on what an orangery is, what the difference is between the two and what is the best options to extend your home, an orangery or conservatory.

What is an Orangery?

An orangery, traditionally, was used by wealthy landowners to grow previous citrus trees during the 17th to 19th centuries. Here, orangeries got their name before evolving through the ages to resemble the modern orangery you see today. Today’s orangeries typically contain a flat roof featuring a central glass roof lantern. An orangery can offer an extension of your home and usually houses a larger brick base and often brick walls. Orangeries are popular for the many varieties and choices they offer and are often seen as a good alternative to a conservatory.


What is the Difference Between an Orangery and a Conservatory?

Simply put, a conservatory is a room attached to your house on one side that is made of glass walls and a glass roof. Conservatories were, like orangeries, originally built to grow and house plants. The main difference between orangeries and conservatories is that a contemporary orangery has more solid wall area than a conservatory. Another difference between a conservatory and orangery is the construction of the roof.

A conservatory typically has at least 50% or its side walls and at least 75% of its roof area made of glass or polycarbonate glazing. Orangeries, in contrast to this, typically have less than 75% of their roof area made of glass. Whilst a conservatory will have around half of its side walls glazed, an orangery can vary greatly depending on the design.


Are Orangeries Warmer than Conservatories?

Whilst there are many insulation and heating options available for conservatories, they tend to be warmer in the summer and colder in the winter than their counterparts.

Both orangeries and conservatories are made of glass, meaning that their temperature will change seasonally. Orangeries, however, tend to feature more brickwork than conservatories and therefore retain more heat.


Should I Get an Orangery or a Conservatory?

The answer to the question or orangery or conservatory all depends on you. Choosing between a conservatory or an orangery depends on what your needs for your home extension are. Do you want to prioritise views or warmth? Does cost affect your decision? How much control would you like over the design?

An orangery is the perfect choice for those who want to use their orangery extension year-round. Orangeries usually offer better insulation than a conservatory so have more consistent temperatures year-round and are ideal for use as an additional room in your home. Orangeries are also closer to a traditional extension so can add more value to your home in some cases. The brick foundation of an orangery also allows for a heavier roof and could save on heating costs if a warm room is important to you.

However, if you are looking for a cost-effective alternative to an orangery, a conservatory is a reasonably-priced option. An orangery is made from brick walls and proper foundations, because of this, it is more similar to a traditional home extension and as such can be more expensive than a typical conservatory in the construction phase.

If your main purpose of building a conservatory extension is to look out over a garden or other view, building a conservatory rather than an orangery is your best option. Conservatories are typically made from more glass so will offer more uninterrupted views than an orangery. Because of this, conservatories can also supply more light than orangeries. This is particularly useful if you are having a smaller extension or don’t want to block all light from adjoining rooms.


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