Exterior Home Design Trends and Inspiration

modern front door

What was once space to keep simple and presentable, homeowners are using their property’s exterior to express their individuality and make a statement. 

Whether your personal style is dainty and demure, cute and quirky, or boisterous and bold, now is the time to make your home reflect that. Your home’s exterior is the first thing visitors will see, of course, and that age-old saying of the first-impressions count does matter! 

Whatever your style, here are some exterior home trends to have your home looking fresh and leave you the envy of your neighbours.

Dark and Vampy Colours

One of the most daunting 2019 exterior house trends for most homeowners is the use of dark exterior paint. For as long as we can remember, homeowners have saturated their outer walls with light, or bright colour. 

In 2019, the height of home trends is painting your home’s exterior in shades of grey, usually on the darker end of the spectrum. When paired with a black or dark grey front door, your home will stand out from the crowd and be sure to make a statement in your neighbourhood, while remaining ultra-modern and classy. 

Let your Front Door do the Talking

If dark paint is too bold of a move, but you still want to make a strong first impression, investing in a new front door is an excellent starting point.

The range of modern front doors on the market extends way beyond white UPVC or oak front doors for 2019. Homeowners are expressing individuality with unique front door paint colours on both traditional and contemporary front door styles. 

Since the movement began taking over the world of home improvements, door and window companies latched onto the idea. Nowadays, coloured UPVC doors are manufactured and ready to install in quirky colours such as orange, pink, lavender and beyond; saving you a paint job!

Out-of-the-Ordinary Knockers & Large Address Numbers

Now to accessorise that new bold and daring modern front door of yours. In 2019 home trends, door hardware is becoming a focal point of the home. 

From boisterously big address numbers beside your external front door, or an untraditional door knocker (bee knockers are a firm favourite), the devil is in the detail when it comes to dressing your front door.

Quirky and bold hardware is also great if you are not ready to purchase a new front door, but you still want to add some creativity to your existing entrance door. 

Mixed Materials

Another spectacular detail that might not be glaringly obvious from a distance is the use of mixed materials on your home’s exterior. A combination of natural elements such as stone and slate, merged with sleek glass and modern metals makes for incredibly striking and intricate home design. 

Simple yet Creative Landscaping & Use Natural Elements

With a home so remarkable, it’s time to take it back to basics with your landscaping. Simplicity and low-maintenance is key for 2019, with potted plants, garden paths and clean-cut lines. 

Similarly to your home, it’s enticing when natural elements are used throughout the garden. A 2019 home improvement trend is the use of natural wood borders and slate stepping stones leading to your property.