Triple Glazing or 4S Glass, Which Types of Glazing are Best?

glazed window options

When it comes to choosing which glazing to use for your new windows, the choices can seem to be endless. Do you opt for a triple glazed window for maximum comfort or do you look into the ultra-energy-efficiency of Planitherm 4s glass for year-round thermal control for your UPVC windows? If you are lost in the land of glazing terms, our guide is here to help with which types of glazing are best for your UPVC or aluminium windows.

What Types of Glazing Are There?

Although there are a number of window glazing options out there, many of our homes are fitted with the standard double glazing that has lasted for years. However, window glazing has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and now offers state-of-the-art technology to keep your home temperature-controlled and improve the energy efficiency of your home. Our team at RB Windows offers some main types of window glazing to choose from.

Triple Glazed Windows

Triple glazed windows are ideal for all sorts of window spaces and work well to keep your home the temperature you want it to be. Featuring two panes of Low E glass and one pane of Low-Iron glass, our triple glazed windows work to improve the energy efficiency of your home by up to a third by reflecting heat back into your home. If sound insulation is important to you, triple glazed windows could be the perfect solution as they have some of the best acoustic performance and sound insulation of any window glazing type with enhanced security features that make it ideal.

Planitherm 4S Glass Windows

If you are looking for complete thermal control, particularly in hard-to-regulate areas such as your conservatory, Planitherm 4S glass windows are ideal. They offer 57% heat reflection and 63% less heat loss compared to ordinary double-glazing making them perfectly suited to keeping out the heat in the summer and keeping out the cold in the winter. Perfect for saving on your heating bills. If you have issues with condensation, this can be virtually eliminated with the use of Planitherm 4S windows in your home.

A-Rating Windows

Our A-rated windows combine aesthetic looks with turbo-charged efficiency. Super spacer argon-filled, these A rating windows introduce no-metal warm edge technology to windows with warm edge spacer bars made of materials more thermally efficient than metal which are guaranteed to keep heat inside of your home

What Type of Windows Are Best for My House?

When it comes to choosing glazed windows for your home, there are a number of options and each one can depend on the style of your home and the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. For example, the popular sash windows are ideal for those looking for a classic window look making them perfect for period properties. Vertical slider windows also work well with traditional homes and give you all the benefits of modern window technology with a traditional box sash window. For those looking for the ultimate in energy efficiency and sound insulation, casement windows are the go-to window type whilst those living in flats or properties who want to retain the look of their old windows but struggle with draughts can benefit from tilt and turn glazed windows.


Looking for Stylish but Efficient Windows?

Our team at RB Windows are experts in finding the perfect window to fit every home. With a range of window glazing options and frame styles, there are endless choices to fit your own unique style. Take a look at our glazing options here for more information or contact our team for more.