Why a Timber Frame Conservatory Roof Could be Your Perfect Match

Icotherm conservatory roof

Are you looking for a new way to make your conservatory feel like a part of your home again? Your conservatory is a space that can either be the centre of all of your entertaining efforts or a place you avoid during the summer months. When it comes to conservatory roofing systems, the choice you make could create a comfortable and homely space you can use year-round.

What is a Timber Frame Conservatory Roof?

A timber frame conservatory roof is simply put a wooden conservatory roof, created from naturally insulating materials with low thermal conductivity. A timber frame conservatory roof can be a fantastic way to regain lost space in your conservatory and craft a bespoke room in your home that fits your needs. Once your timber conservatory roof has been fitted, you can then customise it with a range of options including tiling to match your house’s existing roof tiles. A range of lightweight tiles are available for conservatory roofs that offer enhanced performance whilst remaining a suitable weight for your conservatory to support.


Why Should I Fit a Timber Frame Conservatory Roof?

When it comes to conservatory roofs, the more thermal insulation your roof provides, the better. By using a timber roof on a conservatory such as an Icotherm roof system, your conservatory will be better able to regulate the indoor temperature making it the perfect relaxing space year-round with more bearable winters and summers.

For those worried about less light being able to enter their conservatory, a timber conservatory roof can also feature optional roof lights with as few or as many roof windows in your conservatory as you would like. By doing this, your conservatory can be used as an additional room or even an office without the overbearing amount of light a standard conservatory roof can provide but still allowing for a light-filled space to enjoy.


What Are Icotherm Roof Systems?

Icotherm roof systems are a type of timber conservatory roof offering state of the art technology that allows for the complete thermal efficiency of your conservatory, no matter what the weather. Icotherm roof systems are specially designed lightweight, highly insulated conservatory roof systems that are ideal for replacing old, inefficient conservatory roofs and transforming them into rooms ideal for use as an extra living space or even a home office.

The innovative construction of an Icotherm conservatory roof combines engineered eco-friendly timber with a breathable membrane, fantastic airflow and a tiled roof that adds a touch of style to your conservatory roof.


How Do I Replace My Conservatory Roof With a Timber Frame?

If you are planning on replacing your conservatory roof with an Icotherm conservatory roof, you may have a few questions such as how long will a timber roof conversion take, will I need building control or will condensation be an issue with a conservatory roof conversion. The good news is that our team of experts are here to answer any questions you may have about your timber conservatory roof conversion.

When considering an Icotherm roof conversion, for example, those with older conservatories may be concerned about fitting a new timber roof to an existing frame. However, compared to traditional glass roofs, Icotherm roofs are only slightly heavier making them ideal for fitting by a conservatory specialist. Our team will make sure to thoroughly check your existing conservatory frame to make sure it is reinforced, and the structure is strong enough to hold your new conservatory roof.

Whilst condensation is also a common problem with conservatories, the innovative design of an Icotherm roof means that it is created to promote good air flow with a low u value and approval in a low condensation risk analysis. Your conservatory could be up to 90% warmer in the winter and 70% cooler in the summer with the addition of an Icotherm roof conversion making it far more energy efficient and saving your money as well as creating a more usable space in your home.


Do I Need Building Control and How Long Will a Timber Conservatory Roof Conversion Take?

If you are concerned about building control regulation for your new conservatory roof, one of the attractive elements of an Icotherm roof is that they are fully compliant with building control regulations making it much more simple when it comes to the building certificate application process however it is always good form to check with your local building office to check whether consent is required.

Whilst many types of house extensions or conservatory conversions can be long-winded, swapping your conservatory roof out for a timber roof is relatively quick and easy and usually takes around two to three days to fit.


Timber Conservatory Roofs from RB Windows

If you are ready to change your conservatory roof for a more thermally efficient option, RB Windows are here to help. Contact our team now to find out more about our timber conservatory roofs and allow our specialist team to answer any questions you may have.