Are Orangeries Worth the Money?

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These days there are many options to choose from when it comes to expanding your living space but often an orangery isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. The modern orangery is no longer the luxury growing room for citrus fruit that it was once created to be, instead, it’s now a practical way to add style and space to your home.

Are Orangeries The Money?

But what is so special about an orangery? When conservatories and extensions are an option, you may be wondering “are orangeries worth it?” In this post, we will highlight why it’s worth expanding your home by adding an orangery.


On average, a fascia orangery, for example, can be an affordable option compared to a full extension due to the reduced amount of materials used in the building process. The price of building a contemporary orangery is comparable to building a conservatory however one main difference is with the final result. Orangeries tend to be warmer in the winter due to the presence of more brickwork, resulting in a room that can be used all year round. Conservatories have glass walls whereas an orangery boasts partial glass and brick walls and a brick foundation that can support a heavier roof. This may cost a little more in the construction phase but can help to retain heat during colder months which reduces energy bills in the long run. The addition of a well-built orangery is an investment that can also add value to your property.

Create Bespoke Orangeries With Ease

When you choose to build an orangery, you have the freedom to create a bespoke living space. The creative team at RB Windows design every element of the orangery individually so elements like the lantern roof and brick sections meet the custom specifications of your structure. Maybe you want to have a traditional parapet orangery that hides visible guttering and roof rafters behind a parapet wall or perhaps you prefer the high-end look of an orangery fascia with its bold curves and additional brickwork. Suppose you wanted to take a different approach and have a freestanding orangery? A modern orangery doesn’t have to be attached to your property but instead can be a stand-alone room which adds a unique look to your home and garden.

Less Building Time

The average time it takes to build a small orangery is considerably shorter than a basic extension. There is also less disruption to the household while an orangery is under construction. On average, it can take around 2-4 weeks to complete a small orangery while a full extension takes much longer to finish and often renders parts of the home temporarily unusable. If you’re looking for a way to renovate your home in a short time, then an orangery extension may be a suitable option.

No Need for Planning Permission

Knowing exactly whether you’ll need planning permission or not can be confusing, but it certainly needs to be considered when exploring extension options. According to the permitted development rights of householders, you may not need to obtain planning permission before building an orangery extension. As long as the guidelines for what is acceptable as set out in the permitted development rights are followed and the building meets the necessary building regulations, the construction of an orangery can be a smooth operation. There are exemptions to this and they apply if you live in a conservation area, in a listed property or if the size of your orangery exceeds 50% of the land around your house. Your experienced team of building experts will be able to advise you further about planning permission.

Overall, orangeries are a worthy investment when it comes to increasing the capacity of your home. They add a touch of luxury and visual appeal as well as value to your property.
At RB Windows, our experienced team of builders and surveyors will help you to create the orangery of your dreams. We specialise in fascia orangeries and parapet orangeries and our knowledgeable sales team can help you to choose the best orangery to meet your needs. Contact us on 01543 467146 with your query or get a free online quote today.