Converting your Conservatory Into an Extension

conservatory conversion

If the boom in working from home has told us anything, it’s that more and more people are looking for ways to extend their living space. For many, conservatories are relaxing spots to catch some sun but can often be too hot or too cold or too bright to spend much time in. Converting your conservatory could create an extra room in your house to use as a home office, additional living area or even a kitchen extension in your home. Read on for our guide to converting your conservatory into an extension to your home.

Is My Conservatory Suitable for Conversion?

The good news is that most conservatories in a good state of repair are suitable for conservatory conversions. Your chosen conservatory conversion specialist will ensure that your new conservatory conversion is safe for use and add any support that may be needed to create your new room from your conservatory

Why Convert a Conservatory into an Extension

There are plenty of reasons you may want to convert your conservatory into a home extension. One of the main reasons for conservatory conversions is more useable space and an update that better fits with changing family needs. 

Benefits of Conservatory Conversions

When converting your conservatory into an extra room there are a wide number of benefits that can benefit your house as a whole. One of the most obvious benefits is that you will gain an extra useable room in your home that isn’t affected by particularly warm or cold weather and doesn’t intrude on television viewing with bright lights. By replacing your conservatory roof with a thermally efficient roof, you could also save money on heating costs in your home as you will be losing less heat through your conservatory. An extra room created out of your conservatory could mean a dedicated space for homework, freeing up the dining room table. It could also mean a separate lounge for relaxing, a work from home space or an extension to your kitchen to fit a dining room in a space that your family has grown out of.

Can I Convert My Conservatory into a Home Office?

If you are looking for an extra space to work from home in, converting your conservatory by replacing your conservatory roof with a solid roof could be the perfect way to create your own dream home office. Conservatories are known for providing fantastic light. But this can often be a disadvantage when it comes to excess glare on a computer screen and high temperatures when the sun hits. By converting your conservatory into a home office, you’ll have a useable space that is perfect for both working from home and for homework sessions.

Can I Convert My Conservatory into a Kitchen Extension?

If you are looking for a way to extend your kitchen and give you more space to cook and dine in, a conservatory kitchen extension could be ideal. Whilst it may require more work than a normal conservatory conversion due to the need for appliances and plumbing, having the extra space for a dining table and more is a great use of space in your home.

Choose RB Windows as your Conservatory Conversion Specialist

RB Windows are experts in creating conservatory conversions that work for every one of our happy customers. We have faced every challenge when it comes to conservatory conversion problems and only use high-quality materials with a fully-trained team that works quickly and efficiently.

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