Conservatory Planning Permission; A Requirement or Not?

view of glass roof

If your home is becoming a bit cramped and your rooms are bursting at the seams, the natural progression is to extend your property if moving house is not an option. 

Home extensions and loft conversions are common selections and a wise choice for adding extra bedrooms, a spare bathroom or the walk-in wardrobe you’ve always dreamed of. But, what if you just want to create a chill-space, playroom or dining area, for example? A conservatory is a wonderful way to add a light, bright living space to your home’s ground level, adding value and capacity. 

One of the main questions our customers as to when they come to RB for a conservatory is, “do I need planning permission for a conservatory?”. Much to the joy of happy homeowners up and down the country, you typically DON’T need to obtain conservatory planning permission as they usually fall under the rules of permitted development rights.  

Planning Permission is a legal requirement and regulates the construction, modification and use of buildings and land across the UK. Planning Permission reviews the aesthetic and visual impact that any construction work would have on new and existing buildings in the surrounding areas. 

Certain structures pass under ‘Permitted Development Rights,’ meaning you do not have to obtain Planning Permission before work commences. If you neglect to apply for Planning Permission when it is needed, you face a potential fine and the risk of having to undo all of the work; so it’s best to triple check!

Do You Need Planning Permission for a Conservatory?

Whether you can build your conservatory without planning permission all depends on your plans and building specifications. For the most part, the conservatories built by RB Windows fall under permitted development but again, certain client requirements could hinder the simplicity of the planning process and permission might need to be granted before your local authority before we can begin building your conservatory. 

Permitted Development Conservatory

If your construction plans satisfy a number of conservatory regulations laid out by the government, it is almost guaranteed that it will pass as a permitted development conservatory. As we mentioned earlier, a permitted development build means you don’t need to apply for permission for your conservatory.

If you want to build a conservatory under Permitted Development and avoid the need for Planning Permission, some of the guidelines and criteria that your conservatory plans must meet are (this may vary so always check with a professional):

  • The conservatory must sit to the side or rear of your existing house
  • Electricals and glazing must comply with building regulation requirements
  • Must use building materials similar to those on the existing house
  • If the existing house is attached the conservatory must not extend beyond 3m of the rear wall, or 4m if the house is detached
  • Consumes less than 50% of the land around the original house 
  • Must be less than 4m in height or 3m if built within 2m of a property boundary

Our team has been installing conservatories of all shapes, styles and designs for countless years. During this time we have encountered almost every hurdle and obstacle imaginable, so we know how to design your dream conservatory in a way in which you either won’t need to apply for planning permission or if you do, the application and approval process is as straightforward as possible.