Converting a Conservatory into a Home Office

solid roof conservatory roof conversions

With many people finding that they are having to work from home during the lockdown, we have seen a boom in those wanting to convert their conservatory into a home office for a quiet space away from the home where they can really get some work done. With a simple conservatory roof conversion from RB Windows, you could convert your conservatory into a proper room rather than an icebox over the winter months.

Why Should I Convert my Conservatory into a Home Office?

Creating a home office is a perfect way to create a dedicated multifunctional space for homework and study and well as giving you space away from the noise of the living room sofa. Converting your conservatory with just a conservatory roof conversion can be much more cost-effective than building a home extension and is the perfect spot for those wanting to create a home office for during and after the national lockdown. With a fully-functional additional room to call your own, your work calls will be a breeze with no more pesky interruptions or distractions. With our industry-beating pricing, your conservatory conversion costs will also be some of the lowest around.


How do I Convert my Conservatory into a Home Office?

When using a conservatory as a home office, one of the main issues many of us have is heat. Traditional conservatory roofs can often let in too much heat or too little in winter months making for an uncomfortable work setup. In order to combat this, our conservatory conversions remove this traditional glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof and exchange it for a solid roof. A solid roof conversion for your conservatory can transform your conservatory space into a room you can use year-round with easier control over both heat and light that previously would have poured in through your conservatory roof.


Noise Reduction in your Conservatory

When using your conservatory as an office, the absence of a solid roof or walls can often lead to excess noise entering your conservatory and producing a noisier working environment, particular is busier, built-up areas. By converting your conservatory into a working room with a conservatory roof conversion, you’ll reduce the amount of noise from entering your new home office from sources such as rainfall, wind, and even traffic sounds. Create your perfect home office free from noise, light and temperature distractions to make working from home a breeze, or almost.


Creating a Home Office Space That Works

Whether you want a space where all of the family can work together for home-schooling or home work, or you are creating a space that is just for you, converting your conservatory into a home office is a change that will benefit you for years to come, even after life returns to normal. When decorating your home office conservatory, look for light, relaxing colours and textures to create a feeling of space perfect for challenging work from home days. If your conservatory looks out over a garden, positioning your desk to face the window is ideal for letting a bit of nature into your home office.


The great news is that your conservatory is already built for letting in light, even with a sold roof conversion so natural light and its benefits will be plentiful in your workspace during the day. As the nights draw in however, be sure to invest in some good lighting to keep your mind active and engaged with your work. A good desk lamp or standing light are great options for furnishing your home office conservatory. Complete your office space with a comfy, supportive chair and an ample-sized desk and you are on your way to the perfect conservatory office space.


A Conservatory Conversion Company you Can Trust

Our team at RB Windows has been converting conservatories for years with a long line of happy customers converting their conservatories into an extra room. If you are looking to convert your conservatory into a home office space or simply an extra room to relax in as a family, get in touch now to find out how we can help you.


Get in touch with our team online or on 01543 467146 now to see how we can help with your conservatory conversion.