How to Stop Condensation in a Conservatory

Conservatory condensation

The sight of condensation building up on your nice clean conservatory windows can be a complete headache. Cold spots, poor ventilation or lack of heating can cause large droplets of water to form on your conservatory windows leaving a puddle of water on surfaces and a clean up needed for you. However, condensation in your conservatory can be stopped in just a few small steps. If you are wondering how to stop condensation in your conservatory, read on for our quick guide to what you need to do.

Check your Conservatory Structure

If your conservatory has been standing for a number of years, it is a good idea to have a check of its structure to make sure that it is still fully functioning. Leaks in conservatory window seals and door frames can cause damp issues in conservatories which could cause bigger problems later on down the line. If you think you may have a damp issue in your conservatory, get a professional to take a look at your conservatory to see if any work needs doing to your conservatory roof, window or door seals.


Ventilate your Conservatory

One of the main causes of condensation in your conservatory could be poor ventilation. Maintaining good airflow and temperature in your conservatory can be key to stopping conservatory condensation and even something as simple as leaving windows open to promote airflow can help stop conservatory condensation in its tracks. A good way to introduce ventilation in your conservatory is to install trickle vents in your windows. These are small openings in your windows that allow ventilation in your room, even when windows are closed. These can be kept open or closed depending on your choice without the security risk open windows pose and can also be fitted to your conservatory roof to reduce conservatory condensation.


Purchase a De-Humidifier for your Conservatory

Whilst simple steps such as avoiding drying your clothes in your conservatory can help reduce the amount of moisture build-up in your conservatory, if your conservatory condensation is becoming a problem you may need to invest in a dehumidifier. A lot of the time, condensation problems in conservatories are caused by a build-up of excess moisture in the environment. Using a dehumidifier can take that excess moisture out of the air in your conservatory and reduce the risk of condensation that might have occurred. Cheap to buy and small enough to hide out of plain sight, moisture trappers are also great at absorbing excess moisture in your conservatory.


Invest in Double Glazing for your Conservatory

Whilst the majority of homes these days have double glazing as standard, some older conservatories may not have double glazing installed. If you are looking for ways to stop condensation in your conservatory, installing double glazing is a good preventative step. Double glazed conservatory windows are brilliant for keeping condensation at bay and make regulating the temperature of your conservatory much easier meaning you’ll also save on heating costs.


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